How do I create an email?


Once you've created your campaign you can now create your email. When creating an email you have four choices:

  • Create a Regular Email
  • Create an Email Sequence
  • Create an A/B Test (Free and Newbie users)
  • Create a Multivariate Test (Pro users)


To create a Regular email:

  1. Go to the Campaign Details page of your campaign
    • Click the Campaigns link in the main menu and then select the Campaign name, or
    • If you have created a new campaign you will automatically be directed there
  2. If this is the first email in the campaign click the Create My First Email button
  3. If you’re adding a new email to a campaign, click the Create Email button
  4. Select Regular for the type of email
  5. Add your Subject Line
  6. Enter your Preview Text (optional)
  7. Select your Sender
  8. Select your email recipients. You can:
  9. Click the Next Step button 
  10. Select an email template or choose to start from scratch
  11. Design/create your email in the Email Designer
  12. Once you are finished creating your email click the Next Step button
  13. Review your Campaign and Email details
  14. Save, Send or Schedule your email

To create an Email Sequence:

See "How do I create an email sequence?"

To create an A/B Test (Free and Newbie users):

see "How do I create an A/B Test?"

To create a Multivariate Test (Pro users):

see "How do I create a Multivariate Test?"


For more information on how to create an email check out our instructional video here.

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