How do I add Senders to my account?


To add a Sender to your account:

  1. Select Settings from the drop-down menu in the top right
  2. Click the Email Senders tab
  3. Click the Add Sender button
  4. Enter the Sender information (name and email addresses)
  5. Click the Create button
  6. If you are using a free email service (e.g., gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) a verification email will be sent to the Sender’s email address. Once the email address is verified (by clicking the link in the verification email) you can use it to send emails
  7. If you are using a custom email domain (e.g., for a Sender you will be shown a popup with the CNAME records that you need to add to your DNS.
    • See your domain host’s documentation for specific instructions on how to add CNAME records
  8. After you add the CNAME records to your DNS, click on the Sender name and then click the Verify button in the popup.
  9. Once the email domain is verified you can use it to send emails
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