How do I create a Multivariate Test?


To create a Multivariate Test:

  1. Create a new campaign (see How do I create a campaign?) or use an existing one
  2. On the Campaign Details page click the Create Email button
  3. Select Multivariate Test as the Email type
  4. Select the Test variables (Subject Line and Content) and the number of test variations (up to 3 for each)
  5. Use the slider to select the size of the test group (what percentage of your list should the tests be sent to)
  6. Select which metric should be used to determine the winner (Opens or Clicks)
  7. Select the test duration (it can be any number of minutes, hours, days or weeks)
  8. Enter the Subject lines that you would like to test
  9. Enter the Preview Text (optional)
  10. Select your Sender
  11. Select your list or create a new one (see How do I create a list?andHow do I add my contacts to PushSend?)
  12. Click the Next Step button and you will be directed to the Email Designer
  13. In the Email Designer, create your email variations
  14. When you are done creating your emails click the Next Step button
  15. On the Review page, review your email and test details
  16. Save, schedule or send your Multivariate Test
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