How can I optimize my landing page for search engines?


For each landing page that you create you can add SEO attributes or tags to optimize the page for search engines.  In the Landing Page Designer, under the Page Settings tab you will find fields for title, description and keywords. These elements are very important for on-page SEO.

Title: This metatag specifies the title of your landing page. Titles are displayed in search engine results and at the top of the page tab in most web browsers. They summarize the contents of the landing page. So, your Title should be relevant to the page and contain keywords or phrases that describe what the landing page is about.

Description: This metatag is meant to be a brief summary of the content of your landing page. Descriptions are displayed under the Titles in search engine results. Your description should be unique and engaging and include relevant keywords or phrases and a call to action.

Keywords: Keywords are the words or phrases people will use to search for your product or service. It’s important for you to research and find the right set of keywords for your landing page. Make sure they are relevant to your page and competitive enough to rank for a high volume of site visitors.

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