How do I create a Lead Gen Form?


To create a Lead Gen Form:

  1. In the main menu, click the Lead Gen Forms link
  2. Click the Create Form button
  3. Enter the Form details
    • Name
    • Description
    • Target list: This is the list where you will collect all the names, email addresses, etc. from the people who submit the form
    • Form type: You can chose to create a regular form or create a form with a file download
    • Tags
  4. Click the Next Step button
  5. In the Form Designer, click the General tab and enter your Success Message. This is what will be displayed when the form is successfully submitted
  6. If you want to include links to your Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy on your form, click the Enable Terms and Policy Agreement checkbox
    • Add your Policy Agreement Message and enter links for your Terms of Service and or Privacy Policy
  7. Then click the Style Settings tab to format and style your form elements (background, number of columns, button and labels)
  8. Create your form by dragging form fields into the Form area
  9. You can also include a Header and/or Subhead
    • If you do not want to include a Header and/or Subhead click on either field and then move the Enabled slider to the left
  10. When your form is complete, click the Next Step button
  11. This will take you to the Review page where you can copy the embed link for your Lead Gen Form
  12. Click the Preview button to view how your form will look
  13. Then click the Save and Close button to finish
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