How do I create an event?


In PushSend an event has four parts: the Event Details, the Event Tickets, an Event (Landing) Page and an Event Email. When creating an event you can choose to skip creating an event email.

To create an event:

  1. In the main menu click the Events link
  2. Click the Create Event button
  3. Enter the event details
    • If you select Venue for the event Location then you will fill in the venue name and address
  4. Click the Next Step button
  5. Click the Add New Ticket button
  6. Fill in the Ticket information and select the Ticket type (Free or Paid), and click the Add Button (see How do I create event tickets for more info)
  7. If you created a Free ticket click the Next Step button
  8. If you created a Paid ticket go to the Payment Settings and Select the Connect With WePay button (see How do I create a WePay account for more info)
  9. Fill in the required information in the WePay popup to create a WePay account (see How do I verify my WePay account for more info on how to complete the setup process)
  10. Then select whether you will absorb the ticketing fees or pass them on to the ticket buyers
  11. Select your Refund Policy (see How do I give refunds for ticket purchases for more info)
  12. Generate Discount Codes for your event (Optional)
  13. Click the Next Step button
  14. Select an event page template or choose to start from scratch
  15. Create your event page (see How do I create an event page for details)
  16. Click the Next Step button
  17. If you don’t want to create an event email click the Skip button and you will be directed to the Review page
  18. If you do want to create an event email, select an event email template or choose to start from scratch
  19. Create your event email (see How do I create an event email for details)
  20. Click the Next Step button
  21. On the Review page, review all the details for your event, tickets, event page and email
  22. Send your email now or schedule your email
  23. Click the Save and Close button if you are not ready to Publish your event page
  24. Click the Publish Page button if you are ready to make your event page live
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